Everything You Always Wanted to Know About This Website but Formerly Had Sense Enough Not to Ask


Viewing this page could
lead to an unnecessary
loss of valuable time.

Proceed at your own risk.

by David Smith

The  fact that you've clicked on the link to this page tells me two things - you are an inquisitive soul and you have some time to kill in cyberspace today.

I will do my best to keep this short and sweet.

I became a Christian in 1980. I hope in the future to post my testimony on this website, but some of my experiences with the Lord have been out of the ordinary, and I hesitate to share them with strangers. But if I ever do post that amazing true story, a link to it will be provided here.

Sixteen years later (in 1996, for those of you who are mathematically challenged) I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the computer age when my boss plopped a PC onto my desk at work and said, "We're going to start using this."

After my initial panic attack, and with a lot of coaching from the company's "computer guy," I discovered that cyberspace was truly a beautiful place, full of limitless opportunities and adventures in learning.

My wife finally persuaded me that we needed our own PC at home. After that I had lots of time to fool around in this incredible digital world. Somewhere along the way I decided that the internet needed another Christian website, so
Living on Purpose was born.

Although almost everything in life seems totally beyond my control, in this little speck of cyberspace I am Master and Commander! I say whatever I want, post whenever I want, and answer to no man! Cyber-life is good!

I must, however, answer to God - and so must you.

I strive to keep this site focused on basic, practical, foundational Christian teaching and ideas. I hope to avoid petty conflicts about non-essential froth.

My goal is to introduce you, and everyone else who surfs by, to the love and grace of Jesus, who also happens to be the kindest person I have ever known. Discovering his forgiveness and friendship has been the greatest blessing of  my life.

My hope is that you will be become better acquainted with Jesus of Nazareth after you have visited here - and that once you know him, you will also begin to discover his purposes for your life.

So relax, check out this issue's featured stories, explore the links, and please take a moment to leave me some feedback in the Guest book. Thanks for visiting.

If you've made it this far down the page, you have no one to blame but yourself. Welcome to this website's
photo gallery feature, THE LIFE OF DAVE, soon
to be a major motion picture. We're hoping to sign Tom Cruise to play the part of yours truly.

Young Dave, circa 1958. What an adorable little tyke I was!

Even older Dave, in 1992, with wife Peggy and children.
Apparently I really liked that plaid shirt.

Older Dave, in 1983, with children Stephanie and Steven. At this stage of life I learned where children get all of their energy: they suck it out of their parents! But raising those two kids was a blast. For more details
on how much fun they were, read
A Father's Story.

Really getting older Dave, with Peggy at Niagara Falls in August 2001. I'm sorry to disappoint you Dave groupies out there, but this is the last photo. If this hasn't been enough of me for you, I'll set up a web cam or something, but THAT is gonna cost you big time.


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