Verse of the day

It's easy to lose our direction in life. The hectic pace of daily living
can cause us to forget that we each have a God-given destiny to fulfill.
You're invited to spend some time here to refresh your spirit.

Serving The God Of Hope
Evangelist David Wilkerson reminds us just how firm a foundation we have in God's promises.  READ MORE

Security In An Unstable World
Greg Laurie, pastor, author and evangelist, answers some questions about hope and faith in these
unsure times.

A Future Filled With Promise
Someone who is hopeless and alone cannot help themselves out of their situations. They need the good news of Jesus Christ, and all that He has to offer, to find their way to a life of blessing.  READ MORE

At The End Of His Rope
You never know what sorrows a stranger may be struggling with when he comes to visit.  READ MORE

What They Do Not Want To See
If you don't believe the Bible, why would you want to pastor a church?  READ MORE

Gardening with God
Getting in tune with the natural world can be a spiritual experience.   READ MORE

A Perfect (Cultural) Storm
Author Chuck Colson contends that the current economic and social turmoil provide us an opportunity to glorify God.  READ MORE

America's Unchristian Beginnings?
Commentator Greg Koukl responds to an L.A. Times Op-Ed article subtitled "Founding Fathers: Despite preachings of our pious Right, most were deists who rejected the divinity of Jesus." READ MORE

Free To Grieve
Her mother-in-law's tears reminded her about the value of grief and remembrance.  READ MORE

The Road to Deliverance
A childhood filled with abuse, a lifetime of despair, then a dream from heaven.  READ MORE

Set Free From Shame
For years he had lived in guilt, ashamed of the life he had been leading.  READ MORE

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